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    This week I notified my current employer of my plans to leave the East Coast. I’ve a few supervisors and I was concerned they would be upset with my decision to move-on. Thankfully they were very supportive, though it wasn’t clear on what action I should take towards distributing my current responsibilities. There are several colleagues I consider prime candidates for middle management, yet I don’t know if my employer plans to promote a single individual or just have random folks fill-in until a new hire can be found. For now I’ll simply assume they will re-distribute the burden until they find someone else to take over.

    I figure our move date is near enough now I can begin to apply for some contract work in the Minneapolis area. Through various web resources I found a few gigs that appeal to my experience.  N2 publishing is looking for photographers and field reporters to add content to their community newsletters and magazines. Their promotional video sells them as a community strengthening publication; an effort I would be happy to support. I was exited to see an opening at Wilson Leather for a product photographer. A temp-job, but a perfect way to get more experience in commercial photography. Based on the description I’m quite confident I would be able to handle their workload with other Brakkenwood endeavours. Similarly, Gladson was also looking for a product photographer. They seem more of a nationally spread company, but like Wilson I could likely keep them as a client while pursuing other work. It’s only been a few days, but hopefully I’ll hear back from someone soon.


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