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    Our apartment is a disaster! Only about a month to go before the move and we’ve started packing. I made a point to keep many of the premier boxes from our last move,  but I’ve been collecting as many empty boxes as I can get my hands on. Never understood why anyone would purchase boxes when you can use recycled ones from commercial retailers. They don’t call them ‘big box’ stores for nothing! After shelves are stocked there are always huge piles of boxes they typically toss out. Regardless, all our rooms have boxes lines up along the wall with packed goods. I’d say at least a quarter of everything we own is ready to move.

    Sarah had a meeting with Protene VIPs on Friday. They are one of our first solid customers and we were concerned they would be put-off by us leaving Virginia. Thankfully we live in an age where technology surpasses the problems created by distance. Remote meeting software allows us to share computer desktops with clients and quality webcams grant face-to-face meetings regardless of where we’re based. Not only was Protene eager to continue our business relationship, but Sarah got several more projects to keep her busy these next few weeks!


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    Woo Hoo!!

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