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    Sarah is pretty excited about the newest Adobe release. Our former version was 3 and we had been waiting for 6 to be released so we could update. We got the Master Suite so we’ve every program under the sun! There was a photo management program called “Lightroom” I was hoping would be included in the package, but we had to pick it up¬†separate. I’m actually taking a workshop this next weekend to get a better grip of its capabilities.

    Speaking of upgrades, I have also saved my pennies up for a new hard drive for my desktop computer. I typically purchase new hardware components individually so the machine is continually being improved. The old HD was about five years old and is making a lot of noise. Figured it would be time for an upgrade before something broke done permanently. The drive holds the operating system so instead of putting Vista on a new-and-improved disk I’ve also invested in Windows 7 64-bit. It will be nice to have a fresh start with a clean storage unit running an improved OS and the latest Adobe products! To quote Ghostbuster’s Winston: “We got the tools! We got the talent!”¬†(1:15)


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