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    1300+ miles in 2.5 days! With the help of our parents, Sarah and I made theĀ  journey back to the Midwest and were able to move in to our new residence with relative ease. Unfortunately, the place we’re staying isn’t wired with coaxial cable so Comcast wasn’t able to hook us up w/ Internet service as quickly as we’d like. A second crew is slated to come this week to finish the job; hopefully everything goes smoothly and we’ll be online again soon. As for this entry, I’m writing from my family farm in SW Minnesota. It’s been two years since I’ve been home. It’s nice to see all the changes my folks have made to the homestead since I’ve been gone. I didn’t bring my camera home this weekend, but I’ll make a point to upload some items in a future post.

    ASMP’s MN chapter has its Summer Social this Wed. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the local professionals and start networking. It would be nice to meet some photographers who are in need of an assistant, though just learning more about the market will be beneficial in changing our business plan to adapt to the Twin Cities.

    As some know, Sarah and I went to college at the U of MN. During the move, my in-laws and I discussed how I might be able to use some of our college connections to find business opportunities. Sarah and I were both involved in the Greek community on-campus, and each year the various fraternities and sororities take formal portraits. The MN State Fairgrounds is also adjacent to the campus and the multiple functions held there often utilize photographers. Once the net is up, I’ll start tracking down contacts.


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