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    Dave has accepted a position at the St. Cloud Times! He has been working for Lifetouch Photography since we moved back to Minnesota. I’ve still been working with Protene and ANTG through Wilson Group Companies, as well as with the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers. This fall, I accepted a contract with Arizona Sports Turf. For them, I have been designing and editing their email newsletters, with the possibility of branching out into their website and at some point, flysheets and techsheets. The last couple of months have gone quickly, with Dave working long hours while I have been conducting research for ANTG’s newest endeavor which will take an enormous amount of time, information gathering, communication and collaboration. I have also been preparing a few Protene materials for the Golf Industry Trade Show in San Diego.

    We will be moving this next week, as we are closing tomorrow. This is an exciting time for us! It will be our first home that has not been a rental. In addition to working on these projects, looking for a house, and now attempting to pack up our essentials that we’ve had unpacked, I will be in Virginia again from the 11 through the 14th for business. I also have an opportunity for a new client, whom I will be meeting while I’m in Virginia for my WGC business.

    Money is tight, and will be even more so with the purchase of a home, so I’ve not been able to do much advertising. However, I have designed a back window view-through, and once the weather warms, I intend to get it installed on my car. Perhaps I’ll even be able to afford a few advertisements in the paper. We’ll see!