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    Where do your designs come from (besides my imagination of course!)? I wanted to give a sneak peak of where I do my work. At least, until the wagons load up and we head West to my beloved state of Minnesota. The computer will stay the same, its fairly new (replaced after a thunderstorm destroyed my printer, tower, and monitor last Spring).  I sometimes pine for a MAC, but I make do with my trusty PC! I work on a custom built machine that Mr. Brakke put together. It runs my Adobe Creative Suite like a charm.

    I’m enjoying the wide, high resolution screens that they’ve got out these days (I admit it, I’m spoiled, and often have to use our other monitors so that I can check web design sizing and placement on other resolutions and screen widths), but I still sometimes wonder what it would be like to have my own set of dual monitors shining back at me everyday as I attempt to focus my energies on my work and not the cats, chores (who wants to do those!), phone interruptions, and the newest net evil: Pinterest. My favorite tool of the trade: my wacom tablet. I use my tablet to do the vast majority of my designs, it gives one so much more freedom when I am illustrating, and I find myself using it for almost everything…except typing.

    Behold! The Desk of the Daring Designer of the Brakkenwood Duo!