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    This week, I traveled to Virginia to meet with Wilson Group Companies. We are working on pushing one of their product lines into the retail market (they currently operate as commercial for landscape, sports turf, and golf course).  The meetings consisted of an initial business plan, design, and structuring ideas as we work to focus on the target audience, decide on their main driving force behind the product, packaging, and delivery method. This is a very exciting process not only for them, but for myself. It will be a highly interactive online business front with a specific focus, and the packaging and design must be reflective of their purpose. I’ll be working closely with Jim Thomas of Key Web out of Chesterfield, Virginia to implement the design ideas and branding identity within the website.

    We are hoping to have the initial planning stages completed at the end of this month, and begin pushing the process into motion as the Fall season progresses. I can’t wait to start working on the initial design mock-ups!

    While I was out there, we also discussed more designs for technical sheets, a brochure redesign, and label format conversions so that they can edit their labels on-site. It has been a busy week! We’ve also gotten our new business cards with the new logo and design format, and we are both very excited about them. They look fantastic! We had them printed through I urge you to check out their site, they do wonderful work.


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    Where do your designs come from (besides my imagination of course!)? I wanted to give a sneak peak of where I do my work. At least, until the wagons load up and we head West to my beloved state of Minnesota. The computer will stay the same, its fairly new (replaced after a thunderstorm destroyed my printer, tower, and monitor last Spring).  I sometimes pine for a MAC, but I make do with my trusty PC! I work on a custom built machine that Mr. Brakke put together. It runs my Adobe Creative Suite like a charm.

    I’m enjoying the wide, high resolution screens that they’ve got out these days (I admit it, I’m spoiled, and often have to use our other monitors so that I can check web design sizing and placement on other resolutions and screen widths), but I still sometimes wonder what it would be like to have my own set of dual monitors shining back at me everyday as I attempt to focus my energies on my work and not the cats, chores (who wants to do those!), phone interruptions, and the newest net evil: Pinterest. My favorite tool of the trade: my wacom tablet. I use my tablet to do the vast majority of my designs, it gives one so much more freedom when I am illustrating, and I find myself using it for almost everything…except typing.

    Behold! The Desk of the Daring Designer of the Brakkenwood Duo!